Digital Cone Penetrometer

Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu) is a method used to determine the type, strength and boundary limits between different soil types and their geotechnical engineering properties. Performed in complement with a soil sampling regime, this method provides key information and data to develop the geological subsurface model of ground based structures such as tailings storage facilities, drilling rigs and dams.  CPTu is an in-situ test that involves pushing a device with a cone shaped tip into the ground at a specified rate. Three sets of data are measured and collected continuously: tip resistance, dynamic pore pressure and sleeve friction continuously during penetration. CPTu is a powerful method that is more affordable and faster than most other methods of testing. 

Copperstone Technologies uses a proprietary cone digital piezocone penetrometer (CPTu) designed to be deployed from HELIX robots. The unit dimension and operating procedures are in accordance with ASTM D5778. The unit is mounted at the bottom of HELIX AR2’s payload deployment rack. The cross sectional area of the 60 degree cone is 10 cm2.

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