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Environmental Monitoring Field Robots

Delivering Robotic Services for Hazardous Fieldwork

Features of Helix Field Robots

The HELIX series of amphibious service robots are rugged, all-terrain vehicles that safely access hazardous locations.  Offering consistent and dependable sampling, measurement, and surveillance solutions to provide unparalleled site access and worker safety not previously available. 

The HELIX series has proven effective for water and difficult terrain deployment through our patented combination of screw-propulsion and four-wheel-drive systems capable of remote and autonomous operations where boats, aerial and tracked or wheeled vehicles have failed in the past. 

The HELIX series supports bathymetric surveying, tailings samplings, geotechnical measurements, and water quality sampling among other use cases. The cost-effective approach of RaaS (Robots-as-a-Service) enables organizations to benefit from the capabilities of the HELIX series without unnecessary capital costs for service robots.

The HELIX series currently supports service robotics for industries such as:

  • Mining

    The HELIX series was primarily developed to access the challenging and varied terrain around mine waste tailings ponds, water storage ponds, and legacy sites with human-restricted access zones.  HELIX robots are capable of remotely accessing sites, traversing across hard ground, mud, tailings, open water, ice, and vegetation obstacles.  The robots can also carry heavy payloads and do critical contact-based monitoring such as echo sounding for bathymetry, water sampling, cone penetrometer (CPT), and vane shear (among other tools and tasks.)

  • Environment

    HELIX is capable of accessing hazardous terrain, keeping people out of harm’s way.  Using precision location control systems and a variety of adaptable tools, HELIX fieldwork robotics systems can accurately measure and monitor lakes, pits, ditches, ravines, beaches, storage lagoons and anything in between. Consistent, accurate and safe collection of data enables you to understand, manage and adapt to changing environmental information in a timely manner and plan for future changes where concerns may arise.

  • Water infrastructure and sewage

    Water infrastructure, including sewers and collection tunnels, can be challenging to traverse.  With water, sludge, bricks and other solid obstacles, traditional robotic inspection equipment is too delicate.  HELIX is designed for unknown terrains and can be used for inspection or sampling in these environments.

We currently have the HELIX series, which comprises the HELIX 25 and HELIX AR2 models available in these locations.

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