Copperstone Technologies (CST) offers Autonomous Amphibious Robots and embedded wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring. CST systems can work in harsh environments where it is dangerous, risky, and costly to send human workers.

Let Copperstone collect your field information, so that your people can add value in other ways.



Copperstone Technologies (CST) offers Autonomous Amphibious Robots for environmental monitoring.


Copperstone Technologies provides core expertise in electrical/mechanical design and advanced robotic systems.

See our newest prototype, a nimble autonomous survey robot for bathymetric surveys and water sampling: click here for video of the A-Rover3 Prototype Trials as part of actual surveying done at a Canadian mine in October 2018.

Watch a demonstration of our current robot planting seedlings and installing wick drains for mine tailings reclamation:

See our first generation amphibious robot in action!