Robotic Services for Hazardous sites


We offer our robots-as-a-service, RaaS, as an accessible and easy way to adopt robotic solutions for your needs. No capital cost, no risk, no maintenance. Our robotic services are available to be deployed throughout North America and globally in a timely fashion for surveying, sampling, geotechnical investigations and bathymetry.

Copperstone HELIX Robots are available for short or long duration projects and pricing is dependent on capabilities, time and risk. Copperstone sends trained Field Engineers & Journeyman Technicians to operate the HELIX robots and work with your team.

We live in an era of data gathering, with incredible resources and tools to analyze the environment around us. The magnitude of investment and returns involved in mining creates the ideal conditions for using data in operational optimization, and tailings management should be no exception.

Water storage ponds

A water storage system acts as a reservoir to hold excess water and provides water during periods of drought or low water supplies.

Mine waste tailings

Tailings are the collection of left over raw material, or waste material, from many mining operations. They are often stored in water...

Site investigations

HELIX robots are designed to operate in the harshest of conditions, collect the data you need most, and keep your people safe. They...