Our Robots

The HELIX family of amphibious robots is named for its unique mobility. Helical, screw-shaped pontoons allow HELIX to float on water or scroll across any terrain, including mud, snow, ice, and rocks.

We originally built HELIX for mining operations in Northern Canada, some of the harshest conditions in the world. We needed a robot that could carry heavy payloads across tailings ponds, in conditions that can be wet, muddy, snowy, and often sticky (sometimes all on the same day).

No technology could handle all of the required situations: boats could not handle shallow water or debris, aerial vehicles couldn’t carry the required payloads, and tracked or wheeled robots sank in the mud.

Often, human-crewed equipment is used to bring heavy sampling or geotechnical investigation gear to tailings sites. These equipment include CPT-trucks, track-mounted rigs, and amphibious excavators. All of these vehicles have mobility limitations and oftentimes the deployment costs can be prohibitive. With human-crewed equipment, there is always a risk of accidents or fatalities and some facilities prohibit human access due to chemical, radiation, or physical hazards.