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Copperstone Technologies is a Canadian-based engineering firm specializing in the design, production, and operation of HELIX, an industrial autonomous amphibious robot developed for environmental monitoring. Inspired by space robotics and advanced remote sensing, Copperstone envisions developing innovative tools and exploratory methods to help Earth’s most challenging environments. Available for purchase and shipped globally, HELIX offers unparalleled autonomy, remote sensing, reliability, and versatility, opening up new possibilities for industries such as mining, construction, search and rescue, military applications, agriculture, environmental monitoring and research, disaster response and more.

What sets us apart? Our technical professionals excel at problem solving and applying our cutting edge technology to your unique challenges and presenting solutions that work for you.

Copperstone’s vision is to enable humanity to reach further, tread lighter, and stay safer.

Mission Statement
Copperstone Technologies is a leading robotics engineering company. We create rugged and reliable integrated robotic solutions for industrial applications.

Access hard-to-reach locations. Safely.

Screw-drives have a 100-year history for harsh terrain access and Copperstone has re-invented the concept with improvements like 4 wheel drive (4WD), electrification, and robot autonomy. Copperstone holds a US-issued patent on the concept.

Screw-drives are the combination of a hollow pontoon for flotation and a helical grouser for traction and propulsion. Rotated quickly, the screw becomes a boat propeller; slowly, and the screw becomes a wheel driving the vehicle sideways to the axis of the screw. With 4 independently-controlled screws/wheels, the vehicle has more efficient operations on hard ground. The screws can be controlled to propel the robot axial to the screws (best for water and soft terrains – scroll mode) or orthogonal (best for hard ground – roll mode). The vehicle is highly maneuverable and can spin on its own central axis.


Copperstone has manufactured a series of amphibious robots built upon a patented, screw-drive propulsion system. The robots, collectively called HELIX, are built in different sizes and configurations for a variety of use cases. In general, they are remote operated vehicles, built for the rugged terrain and harsh environmental conditions found for example at mine sites. In particular, the screw-drives permit HELIX to float and water and propel itself like a boat, drive like wheels on firm ground, or crawl through material like saturated tailings, mud or snow. It’s an all-terrain vehicle capable of carrying heavy equipment required in the mining industry.

We collect mission critical data from the worlds harshest environments