Water Surveys

Water is critical to the mining operations of the world. From environmental permitting and mine design, to extraction and operations closure, water touches every part of the mine lifecycle. This essential element is of the utmost importance and requires regular monitoring to ensure minimal waste and reduce water stress. Bathymetry is the measurement of water depth, creating a hydrographic map and permitting precise volume calculations to monitor water balance.

In mining applications, bathymetric surveying is necessary to calculate the volume contained in water-capped tailings deposits and to profile subsurface structures. These are essential processes in monitoring, maintenance, and compliance.

Use Cases

Historically, these measurements are taken manually using human-crewed boats and sonar gear, weighted ropes or density plates. This mode of operation represents significant risk to the people involved and can lack precision and accuracy of robotic methods.

Ice Thickness Assessments

Water Surveys

Understanding the thickness of ice is a key parameter in assessing safety.

Water & Sediment Sampling

Water Surveys

These underwater sediments can then be brought off site for analysis.

Water Profiling

Water Surveys

Physical parameters of water are important to understanding and managing a body of water.

Shallow Water Surveys

Water Surveys

HELIX robots are effective at navigating shallow waters and can be outfitted with a proprietary mechanical tool called Manta™

Bathymetric Surveys

Water Surveys

HELIX is typically outfitted with sonar equipment that is able to map out the depth and shape of underwater terrain.