Health & Safety

Safety is the number one priority for Copperstone Technologies and our clients. Its likely their first reason to choose Copperstone Technologies as a robotics solution over standard methods.

  • Our Core Values

    1. We put people first.
    2. We think yes before no.
    3. We believe there is a solution and we will find it.
    4. We always strive to do the right thing, especially when it is difficult.
    5. We think numbers matter. Accuracy, action and accountability.

    Robot safety – How we handle the robot

    ● All HELIX operators complete a comprehensive training program that also includes basic robotic diagnostics

    ● Redundant communication and control radio links ensures constant communication between the operator and HELIX platform for safe operations

    ● Operators maintain a safe distance when HELIX is in motion

    ● HELIX uses mechanical and software emergency stop (E-stop) systems. E-stop buttons are highly visible and easy to access from both sides of the robot. There is also an E-stop button on the hand held radio controller and software E-stops on the ground station computer.

    ● Procedural controls, when HELIX is under manual operation additional fail safes are engaged for safe operation

    ● Warning lights indicate HELIX’s status (idle, armed) and an 8 ft tall fully lit buggy whip is used for visualization

    ● Lock-out, tag-out procedures (LOTO), a common safety procedure working around powered equipment, are followed when using HELIX

    Our robots bring sensors or sampling payloads to site, keeping people out of harm’s way, reducing costs and improving efficiencies for our clients.

    Team Safety Training

    ● First Aid/ CPR
    ● Confined Space
    ● H2S Alive
    ● Driver Awareness
    ● Ground Disturbance
    ● Health and Safety Orientation
    ● Gas Detection and Flammable substances
    ● Wilderness/ Bear Awareness
    ● Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    ● WHIMIS
    ● Cargo Securement
    ● MSHA Part 46 & 48
    ● Rigging and Slinging
    ● Lockout Tagout

  • Copperstone Technologies is currently registered with one major safety registry Avetta.