We offer our robots-as-a-service, RaaS, as an accessible and easy way to adopt robotic solutions for your needs. No capital cost, no risk, no maintenance. Our robots are available to be deployed throughout North America and globally in a timely fashion for surveying, sampling, geotechnical investigations and bathymetry.

Copperstone Robots are available for short or long duration projects and pricing is dependent on capabilities, time and risk. Copperstone sends trained Field Engineers to operate the robots and works with your team to collect the data you need. Contact us to learn more.

Hazardous site investigations

Water Storage Ponds

Mine Waste Tailings

Site Investigations

Remote operations

Robots can venture to places humans are unable to reach or locations that are simply too dangerous.  The Mars rovers are perfect examples and inspirations for our work too.  Robots can work at extreme distances in the harshest of environments, but bring the user into the action with streaming data and live controls.  Copperstone robots are data collection vehicles to safely and efficiently satisfy needs for data in hazardous locations.  


Companies are looking for ways to proactively manage risks and liabilities.  Robots are an easily adoptable solution to support ESG (environmental, safety and governance) goals.