Helix 75

Autonomous Survey Robot

Autonomously monitor ponds, tailings, and river systems in a cost-effective, efficient, and safer manner.

The Helix 75 is an autonomous amphibious robot for environmental monitoring and built for action.

The Rover is designed specifically for long endurance bathymetric surveying in tailings ponds that are hard to access and with changing soil properties. It reduces time and cost of environmental monitoring, does not require an operator, and is a reliable tool to estimate the size and capacity of tailings deposits, rivers, and other bodies of water. This rover can carry water sampling tools and other payloads in addition to survey instruments. Maps and reports can be produced in a variety of formats, according to your requirements.


Health and Safety

Workers remain in safe environments while robots do the dangerous work. The Rover can even be used to tow a stranded boat. 

Operational Efficiency

Data analytics and real-time feedback = ability to decrease costs and respond to environmental changes. 

Cost Savings

Robots require fewer labour and equipment hours and are less expensive than conventional equipment, allowing more timely information to be gathered at lower cost. 


Remote autonomous technologies free up talent to improve operations. 

Environmental Social License

Our robots have no emissions and can be made intrinsically safe to help industrial operations become more sustainable. 

Product Features

Full autonomous operation with waypoint navigation 

Designed for long endurance: > 25 km bathymetric surveys, other measurement and sampling payloads available

Mobility on hard ground, soft ground, shallow and open water, ice and snow


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AR0 Prototype of the Autonomous Survey Robot, successfully field tested on an industrial site in October 2018