HELIX AR2 is under development with a planned product release  for summer 2020. HELIX AR2 is a heavy duty robot capable of carrying 300 kg payloads across any terrain.  Its heavy enough to generate forces need for geotechnical measurements. The prototype rover has been demonstrated with international mining companies and proven its adaptability, ruggedness and unparalleled ability to get the job done.


  • Patented Amphibious Scroll Drive – four individually driven scrolls, which act either as screw propellers or as wheels, depending on the situation.  HELIX AR2 will have a transmission system to optimize torque and speed over different terrains
  • Telemetry – ongoing communication between the rover and the operator including remote deployment of payloads
  • Way Point Navigation – HELIX can follow a pre-defined set of GPS coordinates 
  • Electric drive – permanent-magnet DC electric drive motors


  • Terrain Capabilities

    Water, rocky shore, sandy beach, mud, snow, ice, grass, marsh, swamp

  • Amphibious Platform with 300 kg Payload Capacity

    800 kg max GVW (500 kg empty)

    Flatbed trailer portable. Drives itself off ramps for easy deployment.

    Approximately 2 m  x 3 m

  • Water Range & Endurance

    1km+ on single charge (through tailings)

  • Water Survey Speed

    0.5 m/s

  • Water Max Speed

    1 m/s

  • Flexible Payload Mounts

    Flat deck with approx 2.5 m x 3.5 m clear space

    200 W DC power supply (12 or 24 V) (Upgrades available)

    PoE WiFi link to ground station (2 km range)

    Custom payload configurations (contact us for a quote)

  • Ground Control Station

    GPS Waypoint Navigation

    Teleoperation with rugged industrial remote control (2 km range)

    Wireless telemetry (up to 15 km range)

    Open source ground station software (QGroundcontrol)

    Remote mission planning and control

    Optional ruggedized computer with software preinstalled

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -30 °C to 40 °C

  • GPS Accuracy

    3 m standard, up to 2.5 cm with RTK GPS optional kit

  • Charging Requirements

    100-240 VAC or 12-24 VDC power source