Copperstone Technologies provides core expertise in electrical/mechanical design and advanced robotic systems. Our services are available for an array of industries and specializations.  We have built ruggedized sensors, payloads and autonomous solutions for various industries based on custom requests. Our remote sensing technologies provide low-cost measurements in harsh environments. They have been used to aid the oil sands industry in geotechnical surveys of previously inaccessible locations and plant vegetation on tailing deposits. Cloud-based data collection makes it easy to analyze and report remote measurements.

Copperstone Technologies can also collaborate with you to take a concept from idea to product and address an industry challenge. We’ve helped create solutions for vehicle tracking, structural-health monitoring, and fault detection. We develop everything from proof-of-concept prototypes to final designs for large scale manufacturing. Our ability to meet demanding deadlines makes us a great match for companies looking to create products quickly.

Example Applications

  • Mine tailings sampling and monitoring
  • Payload development and integration
  • Bathymetric surveying
  • Cone penetrometer testing
  • Vane shear testing
  • Soil and water sample collection and return
  • Marsh, wetlands and slough monitoring
  • Thin ice and water operations
  • Vegetation planting and seed broadcasting

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