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Copperstone grew out of the hard work and dedication of three graduate students from the University of Alberta. After a successful Mitacs internship together, Nicolas Olmedo, Stephen Dwyer, and Jamie Yuen joined forces to deliver solutions in industries that posed the most difficult problems. The team was focused on solving the challenge of traffic-ability and health and safety on oil sands tailings. With the support of their graduate studies supervisor, Dr. Mike Lipsett, the team designed a robot that was capable of remote movement in the hardest, most difficult to access terrain they could imagine.

The original Amphibious Rover 1 (AR1) was transformed into a second version capable of performing industry-standard testing such as cone penetrometer, vane shear, and sampling on regular bitumen tailings to support the large manned barges currently used in the industry.

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Since these early days, Copperstone has grown a talented team of professionals. 

  1. We put people first.
  2. We think yes before no.
  3. We believe there is a solution and we will find it.
  4. We always strive to do the right thing, especially when it is difficult.
  5. We think numbers matter. Accuracy, action and accountability.

But why do we do this?  Simply, we believe robots can enable humans to reach further, tread lighter, and stay safer.  We are at the intersection of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, the environment, and the industrial IOT.

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