Amphibious Robot for Soil and Water Testing

CST AR1 Robot


AR1 is an amphibious robotic vehicle that excels where other vehicles can't go. An electric drive powers it over mud, water, sand and firm ground to take samples and measurements from otherwise inaccessible locations.

AR1 is specifically built for the inhospitable environment of tailings ponds, giving operators immediate feedback on the state and composition of deposits to speed up reclamation. With a wide range of payload capabilities, AR1 is well suited to researchers, environmental scientists, hydrologists, geotechnical engineers, and others needing samples and measurements from muddy, swampy, difficult to access areas.


  • Mine tailings sampling and monitoring - oil sands, gold, copper, etc.
  • Cone penetrometer and field vane shear testing
  • Soil and water sample collection and return
  • Marsh, wetlands and slough monitoring
  • Thin ice and water operations
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  • AR1 on the shore of a slough during testing
  • AR1 rolling into a slough
  • AR1 in a slough during testing
  • AR1 exiting a slough
  • AR1 afloat on water during pond testing
  • AR1 driving across a snow covered field
  • AR1 conducting tests in a tank of Mature Fine Tailings (MFT)
  • AR1 collecting a surface sample

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